Software Engineers

We specialize in building robust NFT games, DeFi, Web3, and microtransaction applications.

IT STAFFING & Outsourcing


Blockchain programming is not a single skill set. It requires the simultaneous application of both the latest and legacy technologies. We are a mature team with over 100 years of collective software engineering experience in banking, finance, and gaming. 


We believe in the individual’s power and the team’s strength. Therefore, we use our experience to screen candidates for technical expertise, communication, empathy, and teamwork. In addition, we mentor them after placement. We specialize in frontend (React) developers, fullstack developers, QA Testers, and graphic designers. 


No Code Development! Our Gaming as a Service (GaaS) platform allows you to focus on customer-facing value creation. We can partner with you to create specialized apps and games exclusively for your community. 

NFT Ecosystem

Apps & Games

The following blockchain games and apps are specific in scope, robust, and engaging:

Solana Duck Racerz
Staking Engine (Contact Us)
Escrow App in 2023
Single Combat Game in 2023


We are developing NFT games and blockchain applications utilizing the RESTACK token. We may depart from our roadmap to take on consulting or grant-related projects.  












Do you need a turnkey technology solution for your NFT project that’s highly reliable and secure? Is your NFT part of a project, struggling to deliver according to the roadmap? Get in touch and let’s discuss  a solution.

Our Services

Restack.AI - Web3, NFT and Blockchain Strategy Consulting


Bring your blockchain app or game idea to market. We work with you to realistic objectives, identifying your customers, writing your business plan, building a roadmap, and implementing Agile methodology.

Restack.AI - Web3, NFT and Blockchain Architecture and Development.


We have extensive experience designing scalable financial, gaming & microtransaction concepts from the ground up. Our designs have a clear scope and designed to withstand traffic as well as being highly secure.

Restack.AI offers Web3, Blockchain and NFT Development Services.


Using Extreme Agile methodology, we start with an MVP that captures the basic requirements. After extensive security and performance testing,  working with the client, we iteratively build to completion.

Web3 Staffing from Ukraine - Restack.AI - Blockchain Development


Located in Lviv, Ukraine, we have access to leading tech talent, allowing us to source, interview, and place software engineers and developers specialized in Solidity, React, JavaScript, C++, Rust, and Kotlin.



We are a team of highly qualified software, IT security, and management experts with blockchain, gaming and financial experience. We are technology-agnostic and able to work with any blockchain. Recently, we have worked with Polygon, Ethereum, Solana, EOS, and WAX. Please click on the names for the LinkedIn profiles. 

Managing Partner & Co-Founder

25+ years technical and corporate leadership experience in the retail, finance, and IT sectors. Work experience includes the US Navy, Sears Home Services, BlackRock, TietoEvry, and Cognizant Digital.


Partner/CTO & Co-Founder

25+ years’ experience as a software developer and architect. He is “fluent” in over 30 programming languages with experience in finance, government, gaming and eSports. 

Office Manager & Tester

In addition to running the day-to-day operations, she tests the games and apps, offering us an independent perspective. 


Sr. Software Engineer

Five years experienced full-stack developer, specializing in React.js, Vue.js, Node.js and SQL performance optimization.  

Restack.AI is a Blockchain - NFT development and Web3 staffing outsourcing company based in Ukraine.

Sr. Software Engineer

Coding since 1978 and in crypto since 2010, he specializes in C#, C++, Docker, AWS, Solidity and smart contracts.   

Business Development

Based in Bern Switzerland and leading our staffing services initiative. She is our first point of contact in the DACH region. 

Business Development

Based in the UK and leading our game development and community building initiatives


React Developer

Our intern that will help build Battledome for Alien Worlds on the Wax Blockchain.


We work with the following software and blockchain technologies:

C++ Programming Language
React.js - Java Script
Solidity Blockchain Programming Language
Solana Blockchain - SOL
Was Blockchain
Polygon MATIC Layer 2 Blockchain.
Kotlin Programming and Development by Restack.AI
Rust programming language by Restack.AI


We work with leading companies and innovative projects all over the world.


We recently received an angel investment, allowing us to promote our services, build our ecosystem and expand our team. If you are interested in growing with us, please contact us, using the form below.


We are always looking to expand our team with experienced talent, interested in the blockchain gaming space. 

Community Manager

Are you a Discord expert who likes to bring people together,  creating community events that raise awareness, educate and answer questions? 

Jr. Front-End Developer

Did you recently graduate university and want to learn about game development and the blockchain?


For all inquiries, please use the contact form below: