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AP News featured Restack.AI
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NFTs can be used to enhance customer loyalty programs. Restack.AI has expertise in Web3 gaming, NFTs and blockchain technology.

Revolutionizing Loyalty Programs with NFTs

Alexander Grover presented “Energizing Retail Loyalty Programs with NFTs.” Gamification of customer loyalty programs adds to the customer experience, making customer loyalty fun!

Battledome for Alien Worlds - Winners of the first ever Pioneer Grant!

Battledome News!

Our first major project was mentioned in Yahoo Finance, AP, Marketwatch and Benzinga.

Restack.AI - Blockchain NFT Consultants & Web3 Staffing.

NFTs vs. Paintings

NFT’s should be seen for their potential utility vs. pure artistic value like paintings. Unlike paintings, NFTs can unlock membership benefits in DAO, act as a game piece or transform over time into something else.